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Funding and Grants

One of West Yost’s strengths is in assisting clients in identifying, applying for, capturing, and implementing project funds through loan and grant programs. Our expertise includes state and federal programs and working with multi-agency groups to identify funding mechanisms, define institutional relationships, and coordinate documentation and schedule requirements. 


State of California Proposition Grants/Funding

Proposition 1

  • Joint Intake and Fish Screen Project – Reclamation District 2035 ($8,100,000)

Proposition 13

  • Roseville 24/30-inch Agency Intertie Pipelines – City of Roseville ($2,000,000)
  • Roseville ASR Project: Diamond Creek Well – City of Roseville ($786,111)

Proposition 50 

  • Roseville ASR Project: Woodcreek North Well – City of Roseville ($360,000)
  • Roseville ASR Project: Water Treatment Plant Expansion – City of Roseville ($6,000,000)

Proposition 84


AB 303

  • Dunnigan Area Groundwater Monitoring Enhancements – Dunnigan Water District ($250,000)
  • Solano Groundwater Investigations Project – Solano County Water Agency and Reclamation District 2068 ($250,000)
  • Yolo County Regional Conjunctive Use Enhancement Study – Yolo County Flood Control & Water Conservation District, in partnership with the City of Davis and UC Davis ($250,000)
  • Groundwater Feasibility Assessment – City of Folsom ($249,000)

Low Interest State Revolving Fund Loans

  • Davis Woodland Water Supply Project – Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency ($270,000,000)
  • Davis Wastewater Treatment Plant – City of Davis ($81,000,000)
  • Tertiary Filtration, UV Disinfection, and Biosolids Dewatering Project – City of Galt ($17,000,000)
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Project – City of Galt ($26,000,000)

Other Grant Projects

Lake Berryessa Resort Improvement District WWTP Capacity Upgrades – Napa County ($6,000,000)
  • Funding Source: US Department of Agriculture Rural Development Program, and State Water Resources Control Board Revolving Loan Fund Program 
Water Distribution System Flow-Monitoring and System Analysis – City of Folsom ($395,000)
  • Funding Source: US Bureau of Reclamation, System Optimization Review Program (WaterSmart)